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What did Walt Disney World's re-opening look like after Covid-19?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

*Please note that this blog was written in the summer of 2020 during the re-opening of the Walt Disney World Resort after its' brief closure. Some Covid-19 restrictions are no longer being implemented.

Wondering what the Disney World Resort's re-opening looked like after its Covid-19 closure? Disney World re-opened its doors in July of 2020 and since then, has been doing an incredible job of keeping its guests and Cast Members safe. Disney's top priorities have always been safety and cleanliness and they continue to focus on these efforts even during a worldwide pandemic.

Here are some of the changes Disney implemented once it re-opened after its Covid-19 closure.

Limited capacity in the parks:

Disney has implemented limited capacity in the parks by requiring guests to make "park reservations" prior to their arrival.

While you may not see the same crowd levels that we saw during the re-opening in the summer of 2020, Disney is still limiting its capacity to help manage social distancing.

Mask requirements:

All guests 2 years of age and older are required to wear masks indoors.

Masks may be removed in designated areas or if guests are stationary and maintaining social distancing while eating or drinking.

Social distancing:

Every attraction queue has ground markers at least 6 feet apart.

When boarding rides and Disney transportation, families who are traveling together are seated away from other families by skipping rows or with the use of plexiglass dividers.

Surprise Cavalcades:

Since scheduled parades draw large crowds, Walt Disney World has replaced their traditional parades with "pop-up" cavalcades!

Throughout the day at unscheduled times, a Disney cavalcade will appear with music playing and characters waving to guests from floats.

It's a fun little surprise and a magical way to bring some of the Disney magic to its guests.

Extra cleaning:

Disney is known for its cleanliness, but extra safety precautions have been implemented including full-ride cleanings throughout the day, numerous hand washing stations and enhanced guest room cleanings.

Temperature screenings:

Prior to entering a park, all guests were required to go through a temperature screening.

If any family member has a high temperature, the entire family will not be admitted that day.

*Please note that temperature screenings are no longer required.

Lissa Ryan is a Senior Travel Advisor with Kingdom Destinations specializing in luxurious family vacations. Lissa helps busy parents who want to create travel memories with their families through luxury travel experiences, but are too busy or overwhelmed with all the effort and research that is required to plan that perfect vacation.

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