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Top 8 Activities Your Family Should Not Miss in Greece

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Visiting Greece provides visitors the opportunity to discover idyllic beaches and ancient ruins in the birthplace of poetry and art. From temples, amphitheaters and villages preserved in volcanic ash to digs that are still revealing the mysteries of the past, Greece and the Greek Isles hold history for the ages. A trip to Greece cannot be complete without these 8 activities that should be at the top of any visitors list!

#1 Tour Ancient Delos

Explore the island of Delos, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its market places, the public squares, the Temple of Apollo, the sanctuary of Artemis, the Terrace of Marble Lions, the old town and amphitheater.

Make a stop at the museum of Delos and admire the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Sculptures as well as a collection of vessels from all the periods. Learn how the ancient stones found on the grounds indicate that Delos has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium B.C.

#2 Take a winery and food tour in Santorini

Tour the vineyards of Santorini and discover how the island's volcanic soil and climate combine to make the special flavors that make this region’s wines world famous.

Plus, take a cooking class or participate in a food tour to learn all about the cuisines found in a Meze-style or small plates meal.

#3 Explore the Medieval Town of Rhodes

Take an Old Town walking tour by passing through the medieval walls and into the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Medieval Town of Rhodes.

Explore the Old Town through the narrow maze of cobbled alleyways full of Classical, Ottoman, & Italian influences.

Along the famous Street of the Knights, you will find small, medieval inns that housed the crusading knights. The end of this street leads you to the massive Grand Master Palace, a Gothic castle that was used as a palace, a fortress and the headquarters of the Knight of Rhodes.

#4 Encounter the underwater worlds surrounding Chania, Crete

Dive into the depths of Greece's underwater worlds complete with seahorses, eels and exotic fish.

Grab some snorkel gear and jump right into the stunningly crystal-clear blue waters. If you are a more experienced diver, use the opportunity to explore stone arches, amazing volcanic-rock reefs and discover the abundance of marine life that differs from anywhere else on the globe.

#5 Admire Santorini’s breathtaking scenery

Famed for its radiant blue waters and unique black sand beaches, Santorini hosts one of the most picturesque landscapes in the world.

Tour the iconic white and blue buildings of Santorini and visit small artistic villages, such as Oia and Fira, experiencing village life firsthand in this quaint town.

Santorini is a place that will enlighten your soul with its immense beauty and colossal charm.

#6 Marvel at the historic sights of Athens

Discover why Athens, the oldest city in Europe has a rich culture centered on art and philosophy.

Visitors can climb the famous Acropolis (from Greek meaning "above the city") and view The Parthenon which was constructed between 447-432 B.C. as a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena.

During your journey through this ancient city, don't forget to visit the ruins of Delphi and Epidaurus as well as the Temple of Poseidon, the famous Plaka, and Corinth.

#7 Experience the Beaches of Mykonos

Enjoy dining, dancing or just soaking up the atmosphere on the Mykonos beaches like Ornos Beach, Elia and Super Paradise.

These beach areas are popular attractions thanks to their beautiful blonde sands and exciting party atmosphere.

#8 Visit the Minoan Archaeological Site

of Akrotiri

Explore the ruins of this "Minoan Pompeii" in Crete.

Learn about the volcano under Santorini that erupted in 1627 B.C. and how this Minoan Bronze Age settlement was buried in volcanic ash.

Visit the site’s museum and examine the ash preserved frescoes, artwork and tools of everyday life that were used by this lost civilization.

Whether you choose to travel through Greece via land tour or cruise ship, these top 8 activities cannot be missed during your family's adventure to this historic and culturally significant region of Europe.

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