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How to travel the entire world and unpack one time.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

What if I told you that I had a convenient way for you to travel the ENTIRE world in just 9 months?! Plus, you would only have to unpack just once!

If you have ever wanted to travel the world, now is a great time to plan one! With so many companies allowing their employees to work remotely and children being homeschooled or participating in distance learning, planning a future trip around the world may be easier than you think.

There's truly no better learning experience that you can give your children than one that explores so many different cultures, unique foods, incredible sights and immersive hands-on activities. Soon, your kids will be grown and out of the house, so take this precious time to connect with them and show them what the world has to offer.

So you may be wondering, how can I possibly see the entire world in just 9 months?

That’s where Royal Caribbean International’s Ultimate World Cruise comes in! The cruise line we all love for its entertainment, onboard activities and ports of call with numerous opportunities for exploration will be rolling out the first of its kind, cruise around the world.

This brand new itinerary takes you to all 7 continents, over 150 destinations in 60 countries, during the course of 274 nights.

The Ultimate World Cruise begins and ends in Miami, Florida on December 10, 2023 and will take you to incredible places including 11 world wonders! Check out some of the destinations this once-in-a-lifetime cruise offers!

Americas and Antarctica

Travel to 36 destinations located throughout the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Mexico and Antarctica.

Highlights of Americas and Antarctica:

- Southern Caribbean islands and Mexico

- Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

- Iguazu Falls, Argentina

- Antarctica's Dalhan Bay, Paradise Bay and Elephant Island

- Straits of Magellan, Chili

- Macchu Picchu in Lima, Peru

Asia and the Pacific Ocean

Travel from Los Angeles to 40 destinations including the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, China, Tokyo, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

Highlights of Asia and Pacific

- French Polynesia including Bora Bora

- Australia's Great Barrier Reef

- Mount Fuji in Japan

- Great Wall of China

- Taj Mahal in India

- Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Middle East and Mediterranean

Travel from Dubai to 44 destinations including Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, French Riviera and Spain

Highlights of Middle East and Mediterranean:

- Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

- Jerusalem, Israel

- Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

- Athens and Greek Islands

- Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily and other regions of Italy

- French Riviera including Cannes, Nice and Provence

Europe, Russia and North America

Travel from Barcelona to 40 destinations including other regions of Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Ireland, France, England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, The Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, New York, Bermuda and Bahamas.

Highlights of Europe, Russia and North America:

- Gaudi’s Sagrada Família in Barcelona - Casablanca, Morocco - Paris, France - St. Petersburg, Russia - The Blue Lagoon in Iceland - Fjords of Norway and Greenland

If this 2023 Ultimate World Cruise piques your interest, you must hurry though… reservations will only be accepted for a couple more months until February 2022.

Can't commit for an entire 9 months? Royal Caribbean plans to open each segment up after February 2022 for those who want to experience one of its itineraries. Staterooms are expected to sell out quickly, so reach out to me as soon as possible.

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Lissa Ryan is a Senior Travel Advisor with Kingdom Destinations specializing in luxurious family vacations. Lissa helps busy parents who want to create travel memories with their families through luxury travel experiences, but are too busy or overwhelmed with all the effort and research that is required to plan that perfect vacation.

For more information or to schedule a consultation about the Ultimate World Cruise with

Royal Caribbean International or another luxury family vacation, please contact

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