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6 Reasons Why Adults Love Virgin Voyages

Updated: May 8

If you haven’t heard of Virgin Voyages cruise line yet, you will soon! Within a few short years, Richard Branson’s latest business venture has quickly become one of the industry's highest-rated cruise lines. And it’s easy to see why so many guests (a.k.a.. “sailors”) are completely hooked!

Before my sailing with Virgin Voyages, I had heard so many wonderful things about this adult-only cruise line. Of course, having no kids onboard is an appealing factor for parents who want to enjoy some of that freedom that they lost after entering parenthood.

However, there was a bit more to this cruise line and every previous sailor I spoke with could not stop raving about their experiences.

Whether it was the gourmet food, the focus on health and wellness or the unique entertainment, I just didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. What made Virgin Voyages so special and why was it so different from any other cruise line? My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to “test the waters.”

Going into this experience, I will admit that my expectations were relatively high. I was a little worried that the experience just wouldn’t live up to all the hype. As I waited to board the ship in their brand new Miami port terminal, complete with plush seating and double sun lounges, I knew this cruise was going to be different than any other cruise I had taken… and in a good way.

Let’s just say it only took me a couple of hours of being on the ship before I had already decided that I was going to plan another voyage after this one.

Want to know why adults like myself love Virgin Voyages and why I've now rated it as my absolute favorite cruise line?

Check out these 6 Reasons why adults love Virgin Voyages!

1. Michelin Chef Curated Menus

Virgin Voyages offers some of the best cuisines on board a cruise ship!

You won’t find a traditional main dining room on the ship and that means you can dine in a different specialty restaurant each night with no upcharge.

Guests can enjoy gourmet meals in chic restaurant settings featuring Mexican, Italian, and Korean BBQ. There's also a steakhouse and a unique restaurant with a 5-course tasting menu complete with wine pairing.

Plus, Virgin Voyages doesn’t have a traditional all-you-can-eat buffet. Yes, you can eat all you want, but there are no self-serve buffet stations.

Instead, guests can grab a seat in their 24-hour American diner called, The Galley while a friendly server delivers whatever food and drinks you want to order from their fresh and made-to-order menu.

The ship's most popular quick service items are their freshly baked pizzas with optional gluten-free crusts, sushi served in bento boxes, tapas-style small bites, poke bowls, charcuterie plates, paninis and an assortment of desserts like macarons and gelato ice cream.

Did I mention that all of this gourmet food is included with your cruise fare?!

2. Unique Entertainment

Virgin Voyages is not your typical cruise line and neither is their line-up of eccentric entertainment.

Each cruise ship features avant-garde productions with unique artistry and immersive audience participation including supper club shows, acrobats and drag queen performances.

The entertainers are a diverse crowd who are free to express themselves and encouraged to embrace their individuality.

3. So Much Value Included

With the exception of specialty drinks and a few dinner entree upcharges, like their tomahawk steak, all your non-alcoholic beverages and meals are included in your cruise fare.

While most cruise lines offer drink packages that require everyone in the same stateroom to purchase a package, Virgin Voyages guests can customize their own bar tab and use that money to buy drinks for themselves or other guests.

The cruise line will often throw in an extra $50 if you pre-pay for a bar tab of $300 or more.

Plus, there is no extra tipping involved!

All your gratuities are pre-paid before you even get on the ship and crew members are not permitted to solicit guests for extra tips.

4. Friendly and Inclusive Community

There is an inclusive community vibe that can be found among both the crew and the guests.

The atmosphere is friendly and non-judgemental.

Guests are encouraged to socialize with other sailors during their voyage through interactive games, shows and other activities.

For the introverted guests who prefer to keep to themselves, there is no pressure to participate and no judgment should they choose to quietly observe.

Even when the crew is off-duty, they are often found socializing with the other guests onboard.

5. Kids at Heart

Virgin Voyages designed their cruises for adults who love to live life to the fullest.

There is also a bit of nostalgia on Virgin Voyages cruise ships that allows adults to feel like a kid again.

For example, the cruise features a VHS (Virgin-Headbands-Simmons) jazzercise class including 80s music, shake weights and lots of neon.

Plus, adults can test their arcade skills with complimentary old-school video game machines featuring classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.

Then, there’s the Social Club Diner featuring tabletop games such as air hockey, shuffleboard and fuse ball - plus, a collection of party games along with Simon and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

At Virgin Voyages' private beach club in Bimini, guests can participate in a fun organized beach relay race where the members of the winning team are rewarded with a free drink at the bar.

There’s also a DJ pool party complete with bubbles, hula hoops, and a swimming pool filled with oversized floats.

6. Exclusive Guest Experiences

Virgin Voyages takes great pride in providing its sailors with an exceptional customer experience.

During the cruise, guests are requested to provide daily feedback so that any unforeseen missteps can be resolved while the guests are still on board the ship.

The cruise staff also love to surprise their guests with unexpected perks and privileges, whether it’s a complimentary cocktail or an exclusive private experience.

It’s these little details that create special moments and vacation memories worth remembering.

So whether you are a parent looking for some adult-only time to unwind and reconnect with your significant other or whether you have a group of friends looking to escape the daily grind and enjoy some good food, good conversations and lots of fun, then Virgin Voyages is the perfect vacation to let you live your best life!

For more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss a Virgin Voyages cruise for your next adult-only trip or a luxury family vacation, please contact


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